Welcome to My Blog!

Well, I figure I should start with why I decided to start this blog. And honestly, selfishly, it is because I have put a lot time into my writing and I’d like for more people to read it. And since I have had several people on different occasions tell me that I should “do something more” with my writing, I figure it must be at least halfway decent. (And thank you to Scott for specifically suggesting a blog).

But, on a more serious note it is because I believe there are lot of people out there who can relate to how I feel. You see, on my best days I have a peace and assurance that I am sinner saved by God’s grace through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And I have a strong desire to grow deeper in my relationship with the Lord, serve and love others, and share the gospel.

However, on my worst days I question God’s existence, doubt that if He is there that he would ever grant forgiveness to me, and am terrified that when I close my eyes for the last time that there will be nothing more. And the reality is, most days are neither my best nor worst, but somewhere in between.

Yet, my goal is to live each day as if it is one of my best. To choose to trust and hope that on those best days God is revealing Himself to me and giving me the strength to persevere when I’m not “feeling it.” To seek and to question and to think and to act and to fight for the faith that I have in fleeting moments, but desire to have every moment of every day.

And that pretty much covers the “why.” So, without any further ado, please enjoy my first post in what will be a series of posts dealing with eternity. And if you read a post you like please feel free to repost it on your Facebook page, tweet it, kick it, snap it or whatever else can be done with it on Social Media that I neither have nor understand.


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