The Great Dance (Part 2)

The Great Dance Exposition

CS Lewis, author of Mere Christianity, The Chronicles of Narnia and many other books, wrote of this dance. But not of a dance involving two humans, but  instead of the dance between God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Ghost. Lewis wrote of this dance to explain the love relationship that has been going on for all eternity between the three parts of the Trinity.

Author Timothy Keller expounded on Lewis’ idea. He tells that this dance is perfect love between these three fully distinct beings who are also entirely one. With two always focused solely on the other one.  God the Father and Jesus fully focused on loving and meeting the needs of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit and Jesus fully focused on loving and meeting the needs of God the Father. And God the Father and the Holy Spirit fully focused on loving and meeting the needs of Jesus.

Think of how Earth orbits the sun or the moon orbits Earth. And now imagine the three parts of the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Ghost, each orbiting one another continually, while also being continually orbited themselves by the other two. All three parts, always, for all eternity, focused on one another in a perfect love.

Mankind was invited to enter into this dance with the creation of the first two humans, Adam and Eve. But they made the choice to sin. To choose to want to be god of there own lives instead of fully trusting in the Lord to direct their paths.  And every one of us, every human since, has sinned this same sin. Believed and acted as if we are able to be our own God. That we know better than the great I Am and can handle life on our terms.  That we can find perfect love outside of this eternal dance with the Lord.

But sadly, each ones of us learns for our self, just as Adam and Eve learned so long ago, we cannot be our own god. We do not know what is best. There is no perfect love outside of the love of God. Only one heartbreak after another. Disappointment and letdown. All of human history has been spent trying to get back into this dance. To figure out how to have this perfect loving harmony with God and man. But, man on his own cannot do it. Not through his own efforts. Not through following the Ten Commandments and all of the rules of the Old Testament. Not through belief in another religion. Not through ignoring God. Not through seeking life’s pleasures. Not through only focusing on oneself. This dance cannot be found.

Yet God lovingly desires that we be in this dance of love with Him.  And He knew that the only way for man to enter back into this love relationships was for man to atone for His sins. To make up for choosing to go his own way. The catch being that man is powerless to do this on his own. There is no way for sinful man to right His own wrongs before a perfect and just God.  And so God sent Jesus Christ to Earth. Where he proclaimed that He had come to usher in the Kingdom of God. To allow man to once again join back into the great dance. Christ centered himself around us when He came to Earth. Humbling himself as a servant to humanity.

Christ came. Lived without sin. Died as a sacrifice to atone for mans’ sins. Rose again. And now is seated in glory next to God the Father.  Through His death and resurrection we are offered the chance to enter back into the dance. And while the dance will not be perfected in this lifetime, we will have all eternity to learn to love like the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. All eternity to understand and participate in the perfect love of God that has been taking place within the Trinity since before time began.

But, because God is both loving and just, He does not force us. He does not pull the strings of man like a puppet to make us choose Him. He gives us free will. We can choose to accept or reject the chance to come into the dance.  To accept means to enter into an eternal relationship with the Lord. Knowing that when we breathe our last we will be invited into Heaven, into the great dance forever. To reject means to choose to be eternally separated from the Lord and His love.

What must we do to accept?  Proclaim that we are indeed sinners. That we have chosen to take the lead of our own life, but now want to allow God to be God. Acknowledge that only through Christ’s death and resurrection are we able to be made right with God. And begin, from whatever point of life we are at  when we come to this acknowledgement, whether 9 or 99, to commit ourself (with the help of the Holy Spirit) to live out a life that is ever aiming at the mark of being like Christ, of perfection.

Not a mark we will ever reach in this life, but one that we will have all eternity to move toward. As we spend forever in the beautiful dance of the perfect love of the Lord.   



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