Along the Way: Part 2

A few things that I should probably note so that this poem will make sense to anyone who doesn’t know me personally:

  • I am currently in my 12th year in urban education
  • I have been married to my beautiful wife Vanessa for 11 years
  • We have three kids. Our oldest daughter is adopted and 15. Our only son is 6. And our youngest daughter is 2.


Part 2: Along the Way, a Personal Poem

Life goes from good to bad, happy to sad, in only a moment

All is right with the world and in the blink of an eye it all crashes down around me

Lord, you take me to mountaintops of joy, but in between those heights there are deep valleys of despair

My praises of thanksgiving suddenly turn to cries of anguish in dark and lonely hours

The rush of adrenaline over new challenges and anticipation of success is interrupted by the sound of shattered dreams and unrealized ideas

The excitement of new life experiences are transformed into the monotony of the daily grind

Lord, in all of these ups and downs. These tremendous climbs and drastic dips. You look into my heart and you watch what I do. You ask me, on life’s unpredictable journey, what will I do along the way?

And so I say to you today, Lord, that along the way:



Let me love somebody

Let me tell someone about Jesus

Let me make my wife feel good about her self, to let her know she will always be the love of my life

Let me raise my raise my son to be a Man of God

Let me fill in gaps for my oldest daughter whose early moments were stolen from her through tragedy

Let me open my arms and heart to my baby girl and show her she’s a princess



Along the way,

Let me serve somebody

Let me teach somebody

Let me show 5th graders what it means to be loved and to love

Let me teach 5th graders to even be kind to those who aren’t kind to them



Along the way,

Let me learn to value relationships more

Let me dedicate myself to being an outstanding teacher who changes lives

But not to work so hard that I miss chances to love somebody



Along the way,

Let me be honest with You, Lord

Let me sing praises to You when all is good

Let me cry out to You in my pain and confusion

But then to praise you even in the pain because you still are good



Along the way,

Let me trust you more and more

Let me question You when I don’t understand

And then trust you even more because You don’t judge me for my questionings



Along the way,

Let me be yours

Let me know you more deeply

Let me love you more fully

Let me be Jesus to those I meet



So that when my along the way is over, You will welcome me home



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