Seasons of Life

I am still working on Part 3 of Along the Way, to wrap up my posts on eternity. So, I thought I would put out another post in the meantime. I hope you enjoy the poem!


Seasons of Life


New life is born                 

Joy abounds                

Happy people                                  

all around

Big boy, big girl                

so proud of you                


in all I do

Playful spirit                

Life is fun                  

Never a worry                                    

On the run

Growing quickly              

Changing fast                  

Never stopping                                    

Present turns to past


Growing up                      

ups and downs              

Stuck in between                                   

smiles and frowns

Body changing                

mind is too                


confusing you

Falling in love                

just a crush                

So much pressure                                   

what’s the rush

Only June now                

Forever young                

August ending                                    

I’d just begun


Changing colors                

On my own                

Lots of people                                    

all alone

Working hard now

Rise to the top


Never stop

Met my someone                

settling down                

Trade big city                                    

for small town

Kids are growing                

way too fast                

Wishing somehow                                   

to travel back


Wind is howling                

Empty nest                

Looking back                                    

Did my best

Family growing                

Grandkids kissed                

Retirement party                                   

Bucket list

Body weakens                 

mind does too            

Time is short                                    

Still much to do

Breathing slowing                

Time is near                

Take me home, Lord                                   

into your care


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