A Poem of Praise 2

Lord Your goodness is beyond measure

Your love endures forever

Your kindness is bestowed upon me

And on to my children

Your hands reach down to touch me

And calm me from my fears

Your arms wrap lovingly around me

Like a Father holds His son



Your gaze sees straight through me

And knows my sin within

Yet You avert not you eyes from me

As you see my possibility

For you observe not my current state

But what I can become



Lord You should have given up on me so long ago

Yet You love me still

I am unworthy of these second chances

But Your mercy is so great

I should have been cast aside so many times

But Your grace endures



Take me, your humble servant

And use me for Your will

Take me, a broken vessel

And fill me to the brim

Take me, a wandering sheep

And lead me to the path



Lord Your goodness is beyond measure

Your love endures forever

Your kindness is bestowed upon me

And on to my children

Your hands reach down to touch me

And calm me from my fears

Your arms wrap lovingly around me

Like a Father holds His son


Why Will Tomorrow be Just Like Today? (The Answer)

It’s incomplete

It doesn’t fully satisfy

But I think God has started

To give me a reply

Yes, tomorrow will be much the same

But why is that so bad?

Look at the beauty in each day

See the loveliness all around

Feel life’s rhythm

There is beauty in repetition


Fulfillment in my work…

Well, at least most days

Growing daily in knowledge

And in my spirit too

Contentment at home

Beautiful wife, loving kids


May I recognize the beauty

The beauty in the routine

But may I not lose step

As the Spirit leads

May I not be afraid

To deviate from the path

As the Spirit leads

May I not refuse to follow


But why am I so damned complacent

So damned scared

To tell them of You

To share the good news

I’m messed up

So are you

But, God has a plan

His Son came to redeem

Trust in Him

Follow Him

And eternal life

Is promised to you


Cat’s got your tongue?

Devil’s got mine

Deceiving me

Telling Me Lies

They won’t listen

They won’t care

It will make things awkward

Why even try?


It’s not the whole answer

But it has to be part

Enjoy the sameness

That each day brings

But don’t be afraid

When the Spirit changes things

And stopping keeping to myself

The joy that Jesus brings

Why Will Tomorrow be Just Like Today? (The Question)

Roll out of bed

Stumble down the stairs

Hit my knees

Begin to pray

Eat a bowl of cereal,

Read the Word

Off to work

Listening to a book

Growing my mind

And hopefully my soul


Walk in my classroom

Prepare for my day

Students enter in

“Good morning DeAndre, Good Morning J’Ana”

Trying to teach them

Trying to love them

“Sit down in your seat!”

“Eli and Rileigh, are you serious? Stop talking!”

Trying to reach them

Trying to love them

“All car riders and walkers are dismissed”

What a relief, the day is done


Back in the car

Pop my CD book back in

Can’t focus, can’t concentrate

Put on Sports radio

Lebron’s still great, Browns still suck

My mind wanders still

Maybe a little Boys II Men

Takes me to a peaceful place


Walk into the house

“Daddy, daddy, daddy”

Hugs and kisses

“Pick me up,” says Aubs “Play with me,” says V

“Love you Sessa, how was your day?”

“Hey Jas, dance or the library today?”

Reading stories, tucking in

Lunch packed, trash taken out

Ride the exercise bike

Time with Sessa, but…

Have to go, dance is over

Pajamas on as I start to yawn


Lay down in bed, read a Psalm

Close my eyes, off to sleep

Tomorrow I will wake up

And do it all again….

Wait, is this it?

Is this all there is?

What did I do today?

Why am I not changing the world?

Why am I not bringing people to Jesus?

Why will tomorrow be just like today…..?

Echoes Through Eternity

  • “He (God) therefore, I believe, wants them (people) to attend chiefly to  two things, to eternity itself and to the point of time which they call the Present. For the present is the point at which time touches eternity.” (C.S. Lewis, Screwtape Letters)


Echoes Through Eternity

I fell asleep and began to dream;

A Spirit dressed in white came to me.

He beckoned me to follow;

And I followed with much curiosity.


I followed the Spirit into the past;

Back, back, and further, until…

We reached the happy memories of childhood

And for a moment time stood still.


We began to travel once again.

Peering in on teenage years gone by.

The great expectations of first love;

And the heartbreak that made me cry.


Then forward we rushed on;

Watching me with a graduation cap upon my head.

Pausing at the alter of my wedding day;

And gazing as I tucked each of my children into bed.



The Spirit then stopped and looked at me.

He seemed to wait for me to speak;

So, I asked, “Spirit, Can you take me to the future?

Show me next year, next month, next week?”


“No, the future is not yet certain,”
The Spirit answered  me in reply.

“For the choices that you make each day

Will determine what happens in the by and by.”


“Do not waste your time on moments not yet here;

It will only give you hopes that may never be.

Do not waste your thoughts upon what is to come;

It will only give you fears that never become reality.”



“But let me take you past your future;

Let me take you to eternity.”

What I saw……well I can not describe

For there was a light so bright it blinded me.


What I heard…..well I can not really tell you.

For there was a deafening sound, like waves upon a shore.

What I felt…..that I can try to tell you.

For even now I am longing to feel it once more.


An anticipation that I can hardly describe;

I don’t know exactly what for, but maybe it will be clear later.

But it was met beyond my wildest dreams,

And followed instantly by an anticipation even greater.



We then left this eternal realm

And I could tell it was time for the Spirit to go.

But as he walked away, he turned and said to me,

“There is one time that I did not show.”


“It is the most important time you have in this life,

The time we call right now, you see;

For only in the present can we do things

That will have echoes throughout eternity!”

A Poem of Praise

“The Scotch catechism says that man’s chief end is ‘to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.’ But we shall then know that these are the same thing. Fully to enjoy is to glorify. In commanding us to glorify Him, God is inviting us to enjoy Him.” (C.S. Lewis, “Reflections on the Psalms”)

I have started to read a Psalm or two every night before bed and I have found what C.S. Lewis said to be very true. So, this is my first very feeble attempt to write a “Psalm-like” praise to the Lord.


I stumble in my walk with

You Yet You steady my step

I veer off the path of righteousness

And Your light guides me back


God, You are faithful beyond measure

You’re goodness is without limit

Your love endures through all eternity

And Your kindness never fails


My dedication to You is lacking

But You let me try again

My promise to You are not always kept

But I hear Your gentle whisper, “I forgive you”


God, You are faithful beyond measure

You’re goodness is without limit

Your love endures through all eternity

And Your kindness never fails

He Didn’t Watch Me Snow Blow

I wrote this a couple of years ago and came across it the other day when I was looking through some documents on my computer. I thought it would be an appropriate time to post it as my son will turn 7 this month!!

He Didn’t Watch Me Snow Blow 

It’s kinda funny, ya know

I have three kids

And I love each dearly

None more than another

But there is just something about my guy

Something that makes me realize how fast time is going by

You see, my oldest daughter, adopted at 8

Just turned 13

A young woman now, no longer a little girl

Yet for this monumental moment, no sadness did I feel

A bit of, oh my gosh, can it really be?

But no despair for days gone by

Then, there’s my baby girl… my precious baby girl!

The one who flails her arms  and calls “Dada”

before I’m even through the door

Just a month away from turning 1

My wife asked me, party is coming up, will you cry?

I don’t think so, I told her, but I’m not sure why.

Yet, my little guy, my little man

He does something to my heart

Any random night, it doesn’t take much

Just a little over tired and watching as he sleeps

I don’t want them to come

But yet the tears, they start

I don’t know what it is

What makes it seem so different

What makes it so hard to watch him grow

Could be that he’s the only boy?

Or that when I look at him,

I see myself 25 years ago

Whatever it is I realized today

That my little guy is getting older

My 4 year old little man is much different

Than my three year old Big Boy Helper or

My 2 year old Baby Victor

My little guy is changing by the day

It’s strange what made me realize it

It’s not that preschool is half complete

With Kindergarten around the corner

Not even seeing the change

from baby face to handsome boy

in the pictures I revisit much too often

It’s not that now he puts his straw

into the juice box himself

That I’ve watched the Mickey faze

turn to Cat in the Hat 

and on to Superheroes and now

currently standing firm at WildKratts

No, today what hit me like a ton of bricks

was that as I cleared the snow,

he wasn’t at the window

watching me as I snow blow

To tell the truth, I know this for sure

because I checked quite frequently

See my 2 year old guy,

he would watch the entire time

Daddy was his entire world

Whatever I was doing was the greatest thing around

Would rather watch daddy blow the snow

Than play with toys or even watch a show

Three year old V

would alternate between the window

and his imaginary play

And if I looked up twice from the snow to the window,

at least one of those times

his eyes and mine would mean meet

But my 4 year old guy

has other things to do

No longer am I the center of his universe

No longer is all I do to be worshipped

You see ,I know my guys I growing up

Because today, he didn’t watch me blow the snow

Seasons of Life

I am still working on Part 3 of Along the Way, to wrap up my posts on eternity. So, I thought I would put out another post in the meantime. I hope you enjoy the poem!


Seasons of Life


New life is born                 

Joy abounds                

Happy people                                  

all around

Big boy, big girl                

so proud of you                


in all I do

Playful spirit                

Life is fun                  

Never a worry                                    

On the run

Growing quickly              

Changing fast                  

Never stopping                                    

Present turns to past


Growing up                      

ups and downs              

Stuck in between                                   

smiles and frowns

Body changing                

mind is too                


confusing you

Falling in love                

just a crush                

So much pressure                                   

what’s the rush

Only June now                

Forever young                

August ending                                    

I’d just begun


Changing colors                

On my own                

Lots of people                                    

all alone

Working hard now

Rise to the top


Never stop

Met my someone                

settling down                

Trade big city                                    

for small town

Kids are growing                

way too fast                

Wishing somehow                                   

to travel back


Wind is howling                

Empty nest                

Looking back                                    

Did my best

Family growing                

Grandkids kissed                

Retirement party                                   

Bucket list

Body weakens                 

mind does too            

Time is short                                    

Still much to do

Breathing slowing                

Time is near                

Take me home, Lord                                   

into your care